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Atlanta Food Trucks - Helping to Deliver the Food Truck Culture to Atlanta, Georgia
At The Food Movement, we are a young company whose mission is closely intertwined with the emerging food truck culture and marketplace in greater Atlanta.

Our goals:
    • Bring interesting, eclectic and wholesome street food alternatives to market
    • Use only the freshest, healthiest ingredients whenever and wherever possible
    • Help to build the mobile food industry in Atlanta
    • By creating a food truck commissary and hub, help to create jobs and foster a business environment where people with an entrepreneurial spirit can grow and be successful

We operate some of Atlanta's tastiest food trucks.

See our entire family of food trucks.

More than 200 organizations have been through our Team Building with TasteTM  Culinary Challenge

I just wanted to pass on my feedback about the Pressed For Time food truck that is here today - their food is delicious!  So fresh and flavorful!"

- Monica Skidmore,

I can't tell you how great things went yesterday.The trucks were awesome and so professional. We can't wait to do this again with you."

- Lori Cotter, RISING Church

I am so glad there is a food truck out there that features something light and not fried (or in a taco shell). Thank you Hail Caesar!"

- Sally Jordan